Vision & Mission Statements

Our Vision: To Achieve a community based on trust and collaboration.
Our Mission: To Advocate for a cooperative environment within the community we serve through stewardship.

The Post-Secondary Learning Act of Alberta requires that the Institute have a faculty association. Any SAIT employee who is delivering any instructional component, and is designated by the Board of Governors, is a member of the Faculty Association. Section 9 of the SAIT/SAFA Collective Agreement requires faculty members to remit association dues.

SAFA has two broad functions. A professional one that arises out of SAFA’s concern for students, Faculty and the instructional process. The second one arises out of the Post-Secondary Learning Act and is related to negotiating and entering into a collective agreement with the Board of Governors and monitoring and enforcement of the Collective Agreement.

“The SAIT faculty members are ultimately responsible for offering instruction that has made SAIT the institution of choice for learners in fields as diverse as apprenticeship training, technologies, business, health sciences, communication and hospitality fields and industries. Through the SAIT Academic Faculty Association (SAFA), the faculty attempts to ensure that the working relationships at SAIT are conducive to the continuing quality of SAIT instruction.”